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How NDT(ST)Ltd Distributed Products

New Down town (ST) Ltd offers virtually every input that is used in production agriculture and specialty markets. This includes fertilizer, seed, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production, soil and water used in spraying operations. The primary goal of NDTSTL employees in sales locations is; ”Beyond Buying and Selling, Lengo Letu Ni Kuona Mkulima AKINAWILI NA AKISTAWI.”.



Also called Agri-Chemicals - This are the broad range of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides. It may also include synthetic fertilizers, hormones and other chemical growth agents, and concentrated stores of raw animal manure.



New Down town (ST) Ltd has grown to be one of the nation’s foremost distributors of fertilizer for the agricultural market. When it comes to crop nutrition, applying the right products at the right times can pay off at harvest. That’s why at New Down town (ST) Ltd, we recommend only the products that make a positive impact for greater returns and success..



Knowing how to use the correct product mix can help your bottom line. At New Down town (ST) Ltd, it’s our business to know how products and services can impact your success. With crop protection products, you can safely and effectively control harmful insects, weeds and diseases. That's why we offer the leading brands of crop protection inputs to help you overcome these challenges and increase yields.



Planting quality seed is the first step toward a successful growing season. As a national seed distributor, New Down town (ST) Ltd offers a wide variety of seed and brands to meet the needs of growers. As a business partner to customers, New Down town (ST) Ltd is devoted to providing seed hybrids and varieties that achieve and exceed customers’ production goals.


Animal Feeds and Supplements and Public Health

Antibiotics have been effective in improving the rate and efficiency of gain in swine, cattle, and poultry. The responses in poultry and swine are generally greater in younger animals than in those reaching the end of the growing-finishing period. There is some evidence that the improved farrowing rate of swine is associated with the use of antibiotics. Responses in cattle have not been as great as those in swine and poultry.


Over-The-Counter Veterinary products

Contact your veterinarian before starting any medical therapy, to discuss your options. Always let the veterinarian know your animal's symptoms and what you have been treating it with. As with all illnesses, persistent symptoms warrant a trip to the doctor's office. However, it's never a good idea to just assume a human medication will be a safe and effective treatment for your animal.

Who Are We

We are among the largest agri-input suppliers company in Kenya who can meet almost 90% of farm agri-inputs.

We offer Agri– input supplies  in the following sector i.e. Cereals, Seeds, Irrigation sectors, Tea and coffee sector, animal husbandly which form bulk cultivation in Kenya.


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